InSyBio Chronic Pain Precision Relief @Kailo Tool

The InSyBio Chronic Pain Precision Relief @Kailo Tool is one of our InSyBio Chronic Pain Precision Treatment tools that are used to stratify chronic pain patients into individuals who will benefit from topical analgesics treatments and select the most suitable non-opioid treatment formulation for them using as input a combination of demographics, clinical characteristics and other responses to a simple questionnaire.

Approximately 10% of chronic pain patients being administered with traditional topical analgesic therapies are non-responders and do not get pain relief from them. 8 out of 10 are estimated to be able to reduce their pain scores in 14 days after being treated with Kailo® Pain Relieving Patch. Moreover, 5 out 10 patients using traditional topical analgesics and improving their pain condition will enjoy a further improvement and decrease of the total number of drugs administered to them when using the Kailo® Pain Relieving Patch.
The InSyBio Chronic Pain Precision Relief @Kailo Tool allows the classification of the patients in the above groups with more than 94% accuracy (measured in a cohort of 128 treated and 20 control participants from the PREVENT study) enabling patients to select the most suitable treatment for them. In general, the use of InSyBio Chronic Pain Precision Relief tools for selecting the most suitable chronic pain relief method can improve the chronic pain condition of more than 98% of the patients (results obtained from testing the tools on data from the OPERA study).